Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Taste of Royal Oak

Only a few more days of summer vacation before it is back to school!  I decided to wander downtown Royal Oak for a bit today and enjoy the sunny (but cool) weather.  I wandered into the a bunch of shops, and made a few stops for treats.

First food stop was Taste Love Cupcakes.  I've been here a couple times before.  Here is the orange cream cupcake I tried today.  It was pretty good, very moist, although I've had other cupcakes from other places that I like better.   But when I asked if I could also have a cup of water, I was told they don't give water, I'd have to buy a bottle of water.  SERIOUSLY???  I buy a cupcake for $3.50 and you can't give me a cup of water????  Hmmm, not sure I will be heading back there, I think that is pretty sad.

Second food stop was Pizza Rustica.  Been wanting to stop in here for quite a while.  The person behind the counter was very informative.  They have Roman style pizza in many varieties, partly baked.  The pieces are large rectangles and they finish baking it and cut it into 6 pieces.   I had the sausage with peppers.  I probably prefer pizza made fresh, but I think this would be a good option to get a quick bite before a movie in Royal Oak.

Nothing like going into all the shops in Royal Oak to realize how unhip and uncool your taste actually is!  Didn't buy anything, but had great fun exploring.  

Final taste was some bubble tea at Goldfish Tea.  I've had bubble tea a few times out in the Pacific Northwest a number of years ago - so fun to discover a place here that serves it.  I had green tea with peach flavor and passionfruit bubbles.  The bubbles were kind of like capsules that burst in your mouth - sweet pops in the sweet tea.  Next time I think I would go with the traditional tapioca bubbles, it was a bit too sweet after several sips.  

I noticed several other restaurants I would like to try sometime. So it ended up being an enjoyable way to spend a few hours.

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