Monday, September 5, 2011

Taste Love Cupcakes

Another cupcake shop recently popped up - this one in downtown Royal Oak. Taste Love Cupcakes is a perfect place to stop for a little sweet treat after dinner, shopping, or seeing a movie.

Their menu has 21 different cupcakes, although they don't sell all varieties every day. When we dropped in there was maybe 8 different flavors to pick between. Hopefully they will add more choices as they go along - part of the fun of eating cupcakes is trying lots of unique flavors.

We tried the peanut butter chocolate and the red velvet. Both were yummilicious!

They garnish each cupcake with a tiny cake heart - obviously the "love" part of Taste Love and a very cute touch.

Taste Love Cupcakes is located on Main in Royal Oak, right in the midst of the restaurant district.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rust Belt Market - Ferndale

If you are looking for someplace new to explore over the weekend, why not check out the Rust Belt Market in Ferndale - an artist market with a fun and funky vibe. This wide open space with high ceilings is filled with an assortment of vendors selling vintage clothes and collectables, jewelry, artwork, handcrafted items, and even food and beverages.

Each booth has unique displays and in most cases the artist or vendor is sitting at the booth. It was really fun to wander around - there was music and even entertainment (tap dancing) while I visited.

Lots of cool vintage clothes - who knew that some tie dye could make old slips and camisoles look so cool?

This booth had these great signs made from cut up license plates.

My favorite booth had some really neat jewelry made with vintage items. Unfortunately, the vendor did not want pictures taken. Too bad, I'm sure everyone would want to check out her stuff when they saw it. (I think she thought I was trying to steal her design ideas, I wasn't, I just liked her stuff, oh well.)

The Rust Belt Market is located in Ferndale on the corner of Nine Mile and Woodward in the former Old Navy store. It is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 - 7.


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