Sunday, April 26, 2009

Assembling an Ikea Poang Chair

Several years ago my friends bought a Poang Chair from Ikea, and whenever I visit them, that is MY chair to sit in! So comfortable! I finally decided to buy one with some Christmas money, even though the modern look doesn't quite match with the rest of my decor.

It took me about 45 minutes to put the chair together and about 10 minutes for the ottoman. Here are the steps:

1) The box - easily fit in the trunk of a compact car.

2) Open the box.

3) Here are the pieces:

4) The directions are given completely in pictures - no words. The hardest part is matching the pictures with the parts - at first I kept getting the screws mixed up and they wouldn't fit until I realized there was another little metal piece that it needed to be paired with.

5) They give you this little crank gizmo to tighten the screws. Actually the kit came with 2 different sizes of cranks! No other tools needed! It was very easy to tighten once you had the right parts together.

6) When the legs are assembled, you attach them to the seat.

7) Here is the frame. The chair pads easily attach with velcro.

8) Finished product. It is my new laptop using chair. I love it!

Sometime (this summer?) I hope to make a little quilt to fit over top of it to make it look a little more countryish to match my decor. And I need something that I can use to protect from cat hair (!) that I can easily wash. Because I know it is just a matter of time before the *cat* discovers how comfy it is and claims it as her own!

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peggy said...

I like the chair, it has arms and you could easily move it around I'm sure. If you find a fabric that resists cat hair, please help us all out and give us a suggestion. The best chair always ends up being claimed by the cat.


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