Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Key to my Heart Necklace

Another thing I always look for when I am in antique stores are vintage keys that I can add to necklaces. Here's a few I picked up in Shipshewana last summer. I look for interesting shapes and designs. You can see a few that I jazzed up by epoxying some buttons on top.

Here's one way that I used a key in a necklace. There's a little flowery bit of broken jewelry added to the key. The heart is from a toggle that I bought in the button section for some project that I never used. I added a few freshwater pearls.

The chain is just a long piece of antique brass chain with wide links and a clasp at the end. I can change and adjust the length of the dangle.

I get lots of inspiration for ways to reuse vintage bits from Amy Hanna's blog. I wish I knew how she finds all those amazing old bits that she combines into her jewelry!

And I just saw this book on Amazon and I'm adding it to my wish list!


Liz said...

You always make the neatest things.

Rima said...

This is so clever!

Sophie said...

I can't even tell you how much I love this. Is this for sale?

Clever Karen said...

Awe, Sophie, that is so sweet. Right now I barely have time to make anything for myself, let alone for sale. Maybe sometime in the future - if so I will post here at the blog or get in touch with you!

j said...

Karen, this is absolutely adorable, and it reminds me of France! I've been keeping the old skeleton key to my childhood dresser in my jewlery box for years with hopes of turning it into a necklace. You've given me some new inspiration!

John MacDonald said...

Nice Post,Thanks for this post.Good collection & colors of necklace


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