Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Jewelry Remix - Newb's - Holland, MI

You know I just can't leave jewelry that I purchase just the way it is. Here is a cute little necklace that I bought a while back at a shop in Holland called Newb's:

Jewelry Remix - Before

Now this is a perfectly cute necklace. I think it originally came from American Eagle. I bought it for around three dollars. I liked the chain and the design on the charms. I decided I wanted to use the charms to make earrings. (I'll share them in the next post.) This is how I reused the chains to make a new necklace:

Remix - American Eagle Necklace

I mixed in some quartz, a crystal, and a variety of silver beads. It's an interesting mix, I think!

Remix - American Eagle Necklace

If you are in Holland and like discounted jewelry, you should check out Newb's. They recently moved into the downtown on River Avenue. They have brand jewelry from places like Chico's and other cute accessories all marked at crazy discounts. Last November on Black Friday, they had a sale where most pieces were 3 for ten dollars. I bought quite a few items, and many that I didn't even remix!

Stay tuned - the remixed earrings are coming soon!

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