Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Time is Here


I haven't been here in quite a while. I have been enjoying, but been kept very busy, by my new role as an art teacher. I do a lot of posting at my school blog Pixels and Paintbrushes, but alas, not much leftover time or desire to be clever here. I also am still spending a lot of time with my friend who had a stroke last May, which brings me a blend of joy and sadness in each visit.

But school is out for 2 weeks, horray, horray, and I have a little extra time to play around and be clever. So hopefully over vacation I can post a few new recipes and projects. I have had time to decorate my tree in silver and red again like last year, adding a few new bits as I go along. I do love to sit by the light of the tree each night!


So hoping that although you may be going through a cold season of circumstances, your heart may be warmed in the love of God's Son and by your circle of family and friends.

1 comment:

Renée said...

Your tree is lovely, Karen! You do such a nice job. I echo your sentiments...hooray, hooray, school is out for 2 weeks. Merry Christmas.


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