Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Winter Blues Necklace

The snowfall on Sunday was an unexpected way to start my winter break, especially after our 50 degree weather on Thursday and Friday that had melted most of the snow. I spent a lot of time on Monday digging out my driveway. During breaks, I decided I needed a little jewelry therapy. I made two necklaces - shorter and longer - using up some blue and white glass beads in my stash.

The glass beads got icy cold while I photographed them outside.

I haven't made any jewelry in a while - I enjoyed making this little project!


peggy said...

Karen, we are in the same boat. My son's family has had no power in Jonesville so they have been here since Sat. We shoveled and shoveled and shoveled.

I love your jewelry and especially the art work of your students. They are really talented. They have a good teacher. Stay warm.

Clever Karen said...

Thanks, Peggy. Nice to hear from you again. I have missed blogging here.


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