Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Vintage Golden Remix Jewelry

Over the past few months, I have played around with remixing a variety of vintage jewelry bits.
Old watch - turned into a "locket" removed the insides, added a bit of a dictionary and a rhinestone.
I think this might have been a clear glass drawer pull. Added other beads to bling it up.
Large pin turned into a pendant. Added another vintage bead and charm on one side of the chain as an accent.
Long chain made up from all the leftover bits of gold chains from other projects, all joined together.
All kinds of gold chains and mixed and twisted together.
Flower pin turned into pendant. Clipped onto on other mixture of gold chains.
I often play with all these bits off and on until I find a perfect combo. Enjoyed having a few snow days to finish up the projects.



Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, frequent lurker here from Washtenaw County. Love what you've done repurposing vintage pieces! Blessings,

Charis Designs said...

These are lovely! I'm wanting to do more jewelry like this, and these are great inspirations. Where do you find your vintage jewelry? Christie

Karen Bosch said...

I look mainly at antique stores and flea markets - I try to find bags of broken bits of jewelry, but it is hard to find sometimes and they often are filled with junk I'd never use. But sometime I get a lucky find!


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