Thursday, June 12, 2014

Gypsy Leftovers Bracelet and Necklace

One of the best parts about the start of summer vacation is that I can channel my creative energies into some personal projects, rather than just always thinking about school. So the past few days I have been having fun making some new jewelry from my stash of beads.

When I came across this bracelet on Pinterest, forgive me, I had to be a bit of a copycat. (I am not selling my jewelry, so I hope it is ok to take inspiration from another work.)

I knew I already had a lot of leftover beads that were in this color family that would be perfect to mix together.  And I had the memory wire - so this was totally made from leftovers, save a couple silver beads I had recently picked up at Joann Fabrics.  The bracelet winds in about 5 layers when on my wrist - a bit over the top, but would be fun with a plain white t-shirt and jeans.

Once the bracelet was done, I still had a few of those flowery blue lampwork beads left, so I decided I needed a matching necklace. I used some waxed linen cord because it could hold the heavy beads but still would have a bit of flow.  I decided not to do a clasp because the necklace was long enough to put around my neck - just tied both ends of it to a silver rose charm.

So Clever Karen is back in action!  I have many projects and ideas saved up and in process, so hopefully I can be a better blogger this summer.  I've already completed a few more jewelry projects, so check back!


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Ha ha, I pinned the same bracelet, and plan to make a similar one! Yours looks great.


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