Friday, August 29, 2014

Lynktec Rechargeable Apex Fine Point Active Stylus - Review

I recently purchased a Linktec Apex Fine Point Stylus and I think my search for a great stylus that gives me fine point control for writing and drawing has finally come to an end.  I have had my Apex for about 3 weeks and I must say that I love it! 

The Apex is a comfortable length, width, and weight in my hand as I draw or write. To use it, you press the button on the handle for a few seconds and a blue light comes on at the tip. It will work in any application - you do not have to sync it within an app or use Bluetooth.  I have been using it with ease with the Flipink, Procreate, and Paper53 apps and also writing notes in Penultimate.  

The stylus automatically turns off after about 30 minutes, so you do not have to worry about running down the battery.  My first charge has lasted for 3 weeks and I still have not needed to recharge.

The 2.3mm tip is slightly thicker than a large paper clip. It is rigid and provides excellent control - it will write/draw where it touches. I have not had issues with it skipping (like I have had with my Adonit Jot Pro Stylus).  It doesn't not have that annoying easy-to-lose plastic disk like the JotPro does. It writes quietly and moves easily on the surface of the iPad. I love the control! However, if I am looking for a bit more "flow" to what I am drawing, I probably would reach my my Pencil or Sensu Brush.

One important thing to note is that since it does not sync with apps, you will not have any pressure sensitivity when iOS8 is released. The Pencil stylus will be able to take advantage of surface pressure, but I do not think my Apex will be able to use these new features.  I'm ok with that - this is perfect for precise control.

The Apex comes with a lithium ion battery installed and a charging cord. Simply unscrew the cap and plug it into your computer USB port to charge. The cap also stores a replacement nib tip which comes with the stylus. Handy and convenient.

The Linktec Apex Fine Point Stylus currently is listed at Amazon at $69.99 US.  A bit pricey, but I am finding I love it for writing, taking sketchnotes, and drawing. It has been worth the splurge for me!

UPDATE: I've had some frustrations with this stylus as I have used it more often. I have found that when I draw slowly on the diagonal that I get very jagged lines. This really shows when I am trying to do precise writing, which is the main reason I bought it. I don't have issues when I write quickly.  I did purchase new tips, but still having issues.  So I still recommend, but with some reservations.

(Note: I receive a very small percentage of any purchases made through my link to Amazon. Moneys received help me purchase technology that will help my students and me in the classroom.)

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