Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"Watch Words" on the Apple Watch

I've been using the monogram feature on the Apple Watch to create a "watch word" for each week. It has been fun to try and come up with a word of 4 characters or less that gives me a phrase to inspire me or to pray about for the week!  My first watch word was "calm" - reminder for a busy week of testing in the lab.

Last week was "heal" after a tumble left me with very bruised ribs. I think I was more concerned that my watch was ok after the fall!

This week's watch word is grow - looking forward to working in my garden over the weekend. Still dealing with some pain on my side where I fell, but hopefully will be able to plant if I take it easy.

To set a "watch word," go to the clock setting on the Watch app on your phone and type it under monogram. Note that the word only appears if you use the Color watch face.

Anyone else have a creative idea on how to use the monogram feature on their watch?


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