Monday, December 29, 2008

Snapfish vrs. iPhoto Book Comparison

I took advantage of the Snapfish/Oprah free book offer that was given in late November to create a book for my brother for Christmas. I used pictures from our trip out to the canyons. Here are a few shots of the inside pages:

I thought I'd give a little comparison of the Snapfish book with an iPhoto book I did in February. The 30 page book from Snapfish normally costs about $30 while the iPhoto book is 20 pages for the same price. The iPhoto book is slightly bigger.

Sanpfish had a shiny one piece cover (the black book is from Snapfish). I thought the design that I used looked off center. Another friend who did a Sanpfish book had the photo cropped so that one person was cut off. I know that they have other options for covers, so I wouldn't use that wrap cover again. iPhoto has a dust jacket that wraps around a hard cover. (They also have a paperback option and a spiral binding option.) The cover on the iPhoto book is lovely!

Here is the inside binding. Both are nice - but the iPhoto binding is more polished. It has a blank page before the book starts. The Snapfish book starts right at the first page. (Top book is Snapfish.)

When I compared the photo quality - again both are nice. I thought the color on the Snapfish looked just a tad off. Wnen you look at each page next to each other - the Snapfish pages are more grainy. I'm not sure if you'd notice it if you weren't looking at it in comparison to the iPhoto book. (Top is Snapfish.)

Both offer lots of variety for page designs. I liked the scrapbooky looking background that I used for the Snapfish book - they kind of had a western theme that went well with my pictures. The iPhoto book has pages that I digitally scrapbooked, so you can't really compare the design by looking at it.

So, my opinion - both are great options. If cost were my concern, I'd go with Snapfish. If quality were my main concern, I'd spend the extra money, and go with iPhoto.


Anonymous said...

Great comparison! Thanks. Talking about next Christemas possibilities with Jan, already.

Anonymous said...

A random google brought me here--thanks, what a useful post.

Anonymous said...

a random google also brought me here. i'm really glad to have read your comparisons. i'm in the midst of making a book and this was exactly what i needed to see. thanks!

Anonymous said...

a random google brought me here too. i'm really glad i read through your comparisons. i'm in the midst of making a book and this was exactly what i needed to see. thanks!

beppumen said...

Google brought me to your flickr photos which eventually brought me here. Thank you so much for sharing this information. It is indeed very helpful. Now I know which one to use! =D

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much - the comparison helped me out even years later :-)

Anonymous said...

I just married and my husband and I have both a snapfish account and iphoto. We own the rights to our photos and planned on making albums for our families (buying from the photographer is so expensive). I have seen albums from iphoto that were amazing but I wasn't sure which was better. I am so glad I found this comparison. I am 100% taking your advice based on your personal experience. Spending the money for quality is completely worth it. Thank you!

Sid said...

Great review of comparison these two photo book companies. I'll make Snapfish photo book for my own


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