Saturday, March 1, 2008

IPhoto Book

This week my iPhoto book came in the mail. It includes the 50 digital scrapbooking pages that I made about our trip to the Netherlands this summer. The quality of these books is beautiful - hardcover with a dust jacket, quality paper, and great color.

The pages were constructed in Print Shop, exported as jpegs, and imported into iPhoto. Then I simply dragged the jpegs onto the book pages. Once all the pages were filled, a simple click sends the book to be published. Apple has a discount going on right now for iPhoto books which reduced the price, but it still was expensive! However - if I took the price of film, developing, and scrapbooking supplies, or the cost of the ink to print these pages - well, then the price doesn't seem so high.

Now I'm starting pages for Belgium - stay tuned!


Melissa said...

from what I can see, your book is absolutely beautiful - great job!

Clever Karen said...

Thanks, I am very pleased with how it turned out.


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