Thursday, July 5, 2018

Hamilton Lyrics Digital Calligraphy for the Fourth of July

I recently was able to score last minute tickets to see Hamilton in Chicago! (TIP: Sometimes they have last minute tickets that have been saved for guests of the cast that are released about 3 hours before show time. You might get lucky - I had amazing 10th row seats, dead center!)

The show is amazing, of course, and the lyrics are inspiring!
I've been having fun practicing my digital calligraphy on my iPad using some of the quotes.

I use an Apple Pencil for my drawings and used the Tayasui Sketches Pro app to make my drawings. 

To help me with designing my quotes, I used Ian Barnard's Grid Builders which I recently downloaded from Creative Market. I love these shape templates. You can arrange and combine them on your page any way that you wish to make your design. The grids come in a variety of formats including brushes for the ProCreate app. I used the transparent .png format which I had saved in a folder on my iPad. I was able to import them into Tayasui Sketches Pro and arrange them on my page  on a bottom layer. When I finished my writing, I hid my layer (or else you could delete the layer.) You can see below how I used the Grid Builders to help me with my lettering and design.


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