Friday, October 31, 2008

Getting out of a "Jam"

Do you notice anything unusual about the view out my back door? Is something missing?

A few days ago it was my birthday. I was trying to keep this fact a secret, but I am sharing it now because it adds to the pathos of the story I am sharing. I spent a nice evening with a friend who treated me to dinner and a movie.

I arrived home around 9:15 pm. I opened the back door and brought my purse and the leftovers from my dinner into the house. Then I remembered that my laptop was still in the trunk of my car. As I headed back to the garage, the back door slammed very hard behind me. I got the laptop, returned to the door, and pulled on the handle. The door wouldn't budge. Nada, nothing. It was jammed shut. With my purse, and keys, and cell phone inside.

My cat sat on the rug meowing at me in an irritated fashion. I hadn't fed her yet. She was quite annoyed that I wasn't getting her dinner.

I thought that maybe it was the latch that was stuck. Fortunately I had not put the winter storm door in yet, so I finally used the screw driver to rip a hole in the screen so I could get at the latch. But the latch worked fine. Somehow the door had gotten jammed in the frame. I would have just ripped or removed the screen, but the screen is covered by this metal lattice. And my screwdriver didn't fit into the tiny screws that held the lattice in place.

I was too embarrassed to bother my neighbors again (I had gotten locked out in the summer, too, when I replaced the main door). Finally I remembered where a spare car key was hidden. I drove to my friend's house, she came back with her tool box and a flashlight, and we finally unscrewed the metal lattice and removed the screen. So I could climb through the opening in and out of the house.

So that is how I am entering my house - through the opening in the screen door. The door is totally jammed tight, and I won't have time until the weekend to try to figure out how to fix it.

Not the way I wanted to end my birthday, but it makes for an entertaining story at least!

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