Saturday, January 16, 2010

Google Alerts for Your Blog

Do you have a Google Alert set for your blog? It is an easy way to keep track of who might be talking about you online or using/featuring your "stuff." Unfortunately, people don't always ask before using. I usually don't get bent out of shape as long as somehow I am credited. But I do like to know. This week my alert turned up this picture of my inspiration board on a blog called Toolulu.

And here is where you can set up a Google Alert. It is a great idea to set one up for your name and your blog and will take less than a minute!


jrsowash said...

I love Google Alerts. They really help me evaluate the impact of my blog on the community that follows me. One new problem that has arisen is the integration of real time search results in Google. I'm getting a lot of alerts from my tweets which is not what I want. I wonder if there is a way to exclude real-time search results from Google Alerts.

Always nice to see what you are up to, Karen!

Liz said...

I love Google Alerts too - very helpful!

Rebekah said...

thanks for posting about this! I just added a few alerts for my blog

YayaOrchid said...

I didn't know about this. One more reason why I love your blog. I always learn the best stuff here. Thanks for the heads up!

Christy said...

We love Google Alerts, too! Thanks for having your pic in the creative commons so we could use it at Toolulu.



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