Friday, February 19, 2010

Stamped Swirl Scarf

In December, I saw a posting by One Lucky Day where she was stamping the cutest Christmas bags. Which got me thinking about a very boring scarf that I had picked up at Walmart for $5 and wondering if I could jazz it up with a little bit of stamping. Paula was kind enough to follow up to my question with some helpful information about permanent waterproof ink. A recent snow day gave me a chance to test out my idea.

My first step was to test out some ink. Paula suggested the Archival Ink by Ranger, but I couldn't find that at the store. I found this ink by Ancient Page worked well. (Clearsnap Ancient Page Ink Pad Full Size Chocolate)

The stamps were sticky stamps that you put on a clear block. I printed random swirls from this Monarch stamp set. I made three rows of 3 different swirls. I'm not the best stamper (a few fuzzy prints, but I was going for a grungy look, haha) but it was fairly easy and took under an hour to print.

A quick ironing to set the stamping was the final step.

And tada - the final product hanging around my neck! I think another trip to Walmart to see if they have any of those more of those scarfs left is in order!

NOTE: I just checked and they still are in stock in a variety of colors. I picked up one in cream and one in black!


Small House said...

Great idea!!! LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Very, Very clever!! Great job...I love stamping & I love scarves...hmmm, this could be the start of another addiction!

Rima said...

I LOVE it. Totally adorable.


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