Friday, April 9, 2010

Shopathon at Twelve Oaks Mall

Haven't been shopping at Twelve Oak in Novi in ages. Nice way to spend a vacation day.

Lunch stop at Cafe Bistro in Nordstroms. Wonderful turkey, Brie, bacon, and pear panini. Don't often get fries - these were wonderful. The pink sauce was some Kalamata olive sauce that was "different."

Cupcakes for dessert from Just Baked. Opted for coconut - yum. Heard they have a place at the food court at Somerset, which is more temptation than I need. (Ooh, and just checked their map, they have a location on Woodward, in Royal Oak. How did I miss that one??)

And the highlight - playing with an iPad! Looking forward to getting one of my own! -- Post From My iPhone

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