Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Brighton Charm Bracelet

I have drooled over those Pandora bracelets for quite a while. After Christmas I had a few gift cards, and decided I would buy a similar style bracelet and a few beads at Brighton. A bit cheaper and still beautiful!

I found a great way to add to my stash of beads. Munro's has colorful wide beads - $6 for a dozen. Of course they aren't silver, but pretty just the same!

Here's one combo of beads that I like!


Renée said...

Beautiful, Karen! One of my seniors gave me a Pandora bracelet last year with a silver apple bead on it, and I treasure it! I'll have to show it to you sometime.

E said...

This is the cutest bracelet. It does not look artsy crafty, which is the main reason I stay away from jewelry making. You did a nice job!


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