Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Our original plan had been to take the night train directly from Paris to Rome. However, we discovered when we started making train reservations that they were upgrading the direct train to Rome and it wasn't running. Since we would need to make a connection in Milan which involved switching train stations, we decided it would be wise to overnight in Milan. Good thing we did - because of an "animal impact incident" we had about an 90 minute delay in our travels and we would have likely missed our connection.

The cab ride from the train station to our hotel was most interesting - our driver had a wooden shelf built next to his steering wheel where his laptop sat. Every time he slowed down he either shuffled his iTunes playlist or checked Facebook. And some people think I am addicted to technology!

We took the subway to the center of town to see the cathedral. It is a most striking view when you emerge from below into the square where the cathedral looms in front of you. Unfortunately, the moment was spoiled by all the men who are trying to give you a "gift" of a friendship bracelet.

It costs 12 euros to take the elevator to the roof of the cathedral, but it is a view unlike any other and well worth it. You get to to walk along the spires and buttresses - be sure to wear shoes with a grip because the stone is polished and slick.

The Milan Duomo is like an over the top wedding cake - every surface is covered with gargoyles, angels, or decorative carvings. The center roof has rennovations going on, so not quite as spectacular as it would be without the scaffolding.

Even the door is totally carved with scenes of Bible stories. In contrast, the interior was unremarkable.

I'm really glad we were somewhat forced to overnight in Milan and grateful I could see this amazing structure!

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Meghan said...

Wow, thanks for the close-up shots! I spent one night alone in Milan, also in transit, and I was really disappointed to find most of the cathedral's facade completely covered in scaffolding. I didn't even bother with it, but maybe I should have. Or maybe I was just out of money :)


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