Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blue Willow Easter Eggs

I blame my friend Sheri for being preoccupied all this afternoon with making these Easter eggs. She showed me this Easter project in Martha Stewart and said it looked something I would like to make. And actually I had all the "ingredients" for the project at home - eggs, paper napkins, and mod podge! It's a rare project that doesn't cost me extra $, so of course I had to try it before Easter arrived. I had some blue willow style napkins that I thought would work nicely and would coordinate with my obsession with blue and white.

First, get out a scissors and your bifocals - you will need them! Cut small designs out of the paper napkins. Since the background of the eggs is white and the background of my napkins were white, I didn't need to cut very close to the edge, I left a bit of a white border. The napkin will separate into layers - all you will use is the top layer.

Use a little Mod Podge to attach the napkin designs to the eggs. (The eggs had the insides blown out through little holes in the top and bottom, and were washed, and dried.) I tried attaching the napkins several ways - I think it was easiest to put the Mod Podge on the egg first and then attach the napkin pieces. A bit fussy but very simple!

After the pieces dry, give the entire egg another coat of modge to seal the edges down.

I can't believe how awesome these eggs look - you'd never know they were made out of paper napkins. And they photographed perfectly - here's a few more shots posted at Flickr.


Mrs C said...

They're beautiful - and so easy, from the look of it. Thanks for sharing!

Rebekah said...

these are darling! What a fun project!

Veldman Photo said...

NICE... love 'em!


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