Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Meals with a View

While I was contemplating my favorite meals of the year, I started thinking about a couple more meals where the food was good, but the view was amazing! So I wanted to add them to my end of the year list.

This was taken from the rooftop restaurant of the sixth story of a department store in Haarlem, Netherlands. We ate breakfast here. We had this stunning view of the rooftops and the Grote Kerke cathedral. The clouds reflected the storms in the distance and changed the colors of the scene in every picture I took. (You can see more of the pictures here.)

I also had a wonderful dinner buffet at the Monterrey Aquarium at the end of the Apple Distinguished Educator institute in July. We were able to sit next to the jellyfish and sharks as we ate - and I did feel a wee bit guilty eating seafood while they were swimming nearby. I was a tad bit tired as I had had only a few hours sleep because we worked into the early hours of the morning completing a 24 hour project. So I probably didn't appreciate the food as much as I should have. Still, it was an memorable meal (and this picture does not do the setting justice)!

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Jill said...

Greeting from Haarlem Karen! and thanks for all lovely bread recipes and beautiful photographs from you.


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