Saturday, February 23, 2008


Last week I went shopping with my friend Andrea at Sommerset Mall. She had a gift card to Brio which she was determined to use up! I was happy to help her, as Brio is a favorite Italian restaurant.

I helped her eat this lobster bisque - I was some of the best I have ever had. The crispy flatbread is amazing, too!

Chopped salad - cold, crisp, tangy...

I had a panini with grill chicken and sundried tomatoes and homemade chips. Andrea had salmon, which was garnished with tomatoes with with cheese. Both were great.

And then dessert - we had to use up that gift card, you know! Brio's now has these desserts in mini cups - just a few bites for 2 dollars each. I was **forced** to help eat a sampler of 4 chocolate desserts. They included a molten chocolate cake, a chocolate hazelnut brulee, a white chocolate raspberry bread pudding, and a chocolate caramel cake. The chocolate caramel cake was ordinary - everything else was great! We had to wait and wait for dessert - after about 20 minutes they came with apologies and said our dessert was free. (So much for using up the gift card - actually they ended up with a nice tip!) This is the second meal I've had at Brio recently - both have been wonderful, and I will gladly go back again!

You can't see much under all that whipped cream! Trust me it was good! Please refrain from drooling on your keyboard!


Rebekah said...

I've only been once, but I really enjoyed the food at Brio (also with a gc). I think I need to take a trip back there soon. When we went we sat next to a table of 4-5 year olds having a birthday party - only at Somerset, right?

That hazelnut dessert sounds delicious!

Clever Karen said...

I just checked the web - there is another location at the new Partridge Creek Mall out in Clinton Township. Those are the only locations in Michigan, but they are in other states, too.


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