Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow Day Slippers

I have been waiting a month to try these slippers on! My friends gave me a "Snow Day" box for Christmas. I already tested the tea and biscotti (couldn't hold out for a snow day) , but I waited until after the happy phone call early this morning to put the slippers on. I plan to spend the day wearing them, drinking pear ginger tea, and listening to this music CD purchased with a gift card to Borders that was also a part of the snow day box. (Click here to listen to a preview of the soundtrack online.) And after I clear the driveway I plan to do some digital scrapbooking - something I haven't had time to do for a while.

By the way, yesterday someone at school was talking about wearing your pajamas backwards to get a snowday! And then last night on Twitter someone else said that kids wear their pjs inside out! So which one is it???!!! And how come I never heard of this until yesterday???!!! I've been missing out all these years! So did I wear my pajamas both backwards AND inside out last night? I'll never tell! But we did get a snow day!


melissa said...

how fun - enjoy your Snow Day, which makes for an extended weekend! :)

ALAN said...

Love those slippers:) A certain other teacher enjoying her snow day will be wearing her pjs all day. I'm catching up on ArtSonia's posting. Looks like the weather men will be in big trouble for this one.


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