Monday, April 28, 2008

Leftover Crisp

One of the bad things about blogging recipes is that you have to measure! True confession - there are a lot of things I cook by just throwing things in and tasting!

So today there were a bunch of sad little apples past their prime in my fruit drawer. So I decided to make a fruit crisp using all the leftover bits I could find. I cut all the bad parts out of the apples and sliced them up. Threw in some frozen blueberries that looked a bit freezer burned. (I've done this with any mixture of fruit - cranberries, mango, peaches, strawberries all work too.) Into a bowl and mixed with a couple spoonfuls of flour and maybe three spoons of white sugar. Stirred until all the fruit was coated and then spread into a thin layer in a glass pan. (THIN LAYER is important - it allows more surface for sugary crispy topping!)

Then the crisp topping - several bits of softened leftover butter that is cut into a couple scoops of sugar (both white and brown) and a few big spoonfuls of flour until it is crumbly. Mixed in some oatmeal. And I cleaned all the leftover nuts from the refrigerator, too - almonds, pecans, and walnuts. Crumbled it all over the top.

To bake - well, about 25 minutes at well, about 375 degrees. It will look bubbly and golden when done.

Now there is no quality control with this method. Sometimes the fruit is too juicy or the crust is not as thick as I'd like. But somehow it always tastes just fine!

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