Monday, April 14, 2008

Town Tavern

Lobster Macaroni and Cheese. When I read a few months ago that this was the specialty of the Town Tavern in downtown Royal Oak, I knew I had to pay a visit. Last week I had the chance to visit this trendy restaurant which is owned by the same people that run the Beverly Hills Grill.

The interior has clean and modern lines. We sat in the front of the restaurant at a tall table with high chairs (interesting to be up so high). My friend ordered the caprese salad which was beautiful and tasty. She said the pesto on top was amazing:

There were a number of entres that looked interesting and there were some tempting daily specials that featured seafood. But I was determined to try that mac 'n cheese and my friend fell for that temptation as well. Here it is:

It was wonderful and rich - made with marscapone cheese and loaded with a lot of lobster and covered with toasted crunchy cracker crumbs. It was great - did I mention it was rich? Somehow I managed to scrape up every bite! I also ordered grilled asparagus which tasted good, but it was huge thick stalks, and I prefer thin skinny asparagus, so I didn't love it.

Yes, I'd go back. I'd probably try another entree - there were several others that looked great! No dessert this time, maybe next time I'll order something less rich and leave room to try some.

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Alison Gibbs said...

Mmmm looks like yumminess all round for you girls


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