Thursday, March 19, 2009

Buttermilk Fantail Rolls

Last month, my friend Sally kept emailing me pictures of delicious homemade rolls. Every weekend her husband Scott was testing out a new roll recipe from this February issue of Gourmet magazine and she faithfully sent me pictures of the finished products for me to drool over. I finally decided I had to go out and buy the magazine so I could try some the recipes myself.

Last week I made the recipe for Buttermilk Fantails. I followed the recipe that Gourmet posted at Epicurious almost exactly :

I've made the recipe twice. I hate to knead dough by hand, so the first time I used the dough hooks on my Kitchenaid mixer to knead the dough and the second time I used my bread machine. Both methods seemed to work fine! I must confess that I had trouble visualizing how to cut the rolls correctly to form the layers. They looked really messy when I put them in the pan, but they looked beautiful after they rose and baked.

I did drizzle the rolls with the leftover melted butter before I baked them. The rolls are so tender but the butter seems to add a slight crispy surface. And it is fun to pull apart the layers - it reminds me of those Pillsbury Butterflake rolls that I used to eat when I was a kid.

Stay tuned for more roll recipes!


YayaOrchid said...

Oh, Karen! You share the most amazing recipes! Thank you! thank you!!

BTW, do you think I could still find the Feb issue of that magazine?

sally said...

They look Oh so good!

peggy said...

I'm trying these, they look like the rolls we used to buy at the Blackhawk Bakery in Paducah. I'll let you know.

Clever Karen said...

YayaOrchid - I don't think this issue would still be in the store, but try the library!


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