Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Grandeur of the Seas - Day 5

Our last day on the Grandeur of the Seas was another cruising day. Sleep, relax, read - it was lovely! The sky was blue and the wind blew - and unfortunately the wind was too cold to really enjoy sitting outside on the deck. But there were plenty of sheltered areas where you could sit and look out at the ocean and the sunshine. Alas, all good things must come to an end....and sunset comes to our cruise.

My one disappointment of the cruise was some of the food. Although plentiful, I just didn't think it was as good or as varied as other cruises that I have taken. And I know I am a bit of a foodie, but much of it seemed just mediocre. It tasted like frozen food bought at a warehouse store that had a fancy sauce put over it. Even the "Sweet Dream" area in the cafe often wasn't overly tempting.... some of the deserts reminded me of college cafeteria food.

The bad: lobster bisque (ick - tasted like a beef broth with a seafood aftertaste); cookies (come on - there's some really good frozen cookie dough out there, it's not that hard to have good cookies); doughnuts with frosting like glue; lobster tail that was cooked to mush; breakfast pastries (just puff pastry with some blah filllings - other cruises have had amazing pastry chefs!). The pizza by the pool was bad frozen pizza. None of the main dishes that I had a dinner in the dining room really were great - the fish, meat, vegetables all tasted like frozen food that been overcooked.

The good: almost every day they had a chilled soup and they all were wonderful - watermelon gazpacho, roasted peach, berry. Roasted turkey at one dinner in the cafe; a nacho bar a lunch (I think we were really hungry!); pasta bar at dinner in the cafe; the escargot appetizer; a yummy pear and apple tart with ice cream. Key lime pie and a French silk chocolate pie in the cafe. Good salad bar in the cafe with nice variety. The breads at dinner were pretty good - you had a choice of several kinds each night. And they had a couple of chocolate desserts that were really good - here's a look at one:

But honestly, the best food item of the entire trip was the warm cookie they gave us at the Doubletree Hotel when we checked in there the night before the cruise!! (I would stay at a Doubletree again just to get one of those cookies!!!!!)

So that's my 5 day cruise adventure. I came back home to a snow storm but I didn't really care - I had been warm and had relaxed and truly felt refreshed by the time away.

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YayaOrchid said...

Too bad about the food. At least next time you'll know to avoid that particular cruise line. But I'm sure you had a great time regardless!


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