Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dinner at the Grand Hotel - Day One

The dining room at the Grand Hotel is classic and lovely. The long room is lined with mirrored pillars along the walkway. The windows look out over the porch and the lake. There is live music while you dine. And after 6 pm, ladies are expected to be in dresses or nice pants and men must wear a suitcoat and jacket. Although staying at the Grand Hotel is a splurge, it does include dinner and breakfast, and there is no tipping. The menu is very gourmet, but they have a buffet for children that features kid friendly dining. The china is beautiful!

There is a three day rotating menu. Here is the menu from day one:

We started with some sparkling juice. For an appetizer I had this creamy escargot and artichoke pastry. This was good, but I decided escargot tastes better when swimming in butter and garlic! Gail had the smoked salmon which I thought was very good.
My soup was the Forest Mushroom Soup with wild rice. This was lick the soup clean good!

The salad was very pretty! It had vine ripened tomatoes and celeriac. Interesting taste, not my favorite though.

My main entree was Korean Beef Ribs with shitake mushrooms. This was very good and the portion was huge! Actually, I wished the portions were a bit smaller, because it left very little room for dessert! My friends had the lamb and the Cajun Whitefish (spicy!). I did feel like the presentation on all three plates was very similar - the same vegetables piled on the side.

I don't have a picture, but the breads were wonderful, especially the wheat rolls with currants!

And then there was the desserts, which merit another entirely new post!


Anonymous said...

I am so envious of your trip - I worked in Mackinaw City twenty plus years ago and I've always loved the area. About ten years ago, we did a vacation trip through Michigan, including two nights in Mackinaw City and one night on the island. We were there at just the right time - October - when the tourists were low and the fall color was still hanging on. I got the best compliment of my life at Mackinaw Island. I have very fond memories.

Liz said...

I hope you tried a Pecan Ball - they are my favorite.

Clever Karen said...

Peicemealquilts - what a unique place to work. I'd love to go there in the fall to se the colors! Liz, yes, we tried the pecan ball - oh wow!! Desert pictures are coming soon!


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