Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tea at the Cotswold Cottage - Greenfield Village

When I visited England several years ago there were three things that I especially loved - quaint houses, cottage gardens, and high tea! You can have a little bit of all three during Tea at the Cotswold Cottage at Greenfield Village.

The tea is held on a terrace on the side of the cottage during the summer, depending on "weather and bees." Cost is $10.95 which includes hot tea or iced raspberry tea, tea sandwiches, a scone, and cookies. You got a lot of food for the price and it was less expensive than the typical high teas. You sit under the umbrellas in a beautiful garden and it does feel a bit like you are back in England.

Here's the tray loaded with all the yummy goodies. I especially liked the walnut bread with a fruit and nut cream cheese spread on top! Everything tasted homemade and had fresh ingredients.

The scone was ok, but the "Devonshire Cream" tasted like cream cheese dip. It was good, but not like the real clotted cream like you get in England!

What a lovely spot to share an afternoon with friends!

3 comments: said...

The treats at teas are always so special!

Melissa said...

have you ever visited Victoria, BC? We visited a tea house there, and although I've never been to England, my husband thought the tea and desserts were comparable!

Wish I'd known about the tea house in Greenfield Village - I'll have to add that to my list to visit next time we're Stateside!

Clever Karen said...

Hey Melissa, yes, I've been to Victoria. Bought some tea there at a tea shop, but didn't have the high tea. Maybe if I ever go back....


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