Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Grand Hotel - Mackinac Island

Welcome to the Grand Hotel. Built in 1886, it is a charming place to experience a bit of what traveling and lodging was like long ago.

Come clip clopping up the flag lined entrance avenue.
Up the red carpeted steps.

Across the beautiful white porch - the world's largest porch, and yes, it costs 10 dollars to tour the hotel and sit on the porch if you are not a guest!!

Into your beautiful room. Each room has unique old fashioned decor. (Every room we peeked into was different!) The colors of the hotel rooms remind me of sherbet.

And if you are lucky you will have a room with a lovely lake view. You can fall asleep as the horses clip clop by your window. (Sorry to repeat myself, but clip clop is the most common sound of the island.)

And if you are really lucky, you can watch the lighthouse from your window as it catches the last bit of light at dusk.

Nighty night, from the Grand Hotel!
(pillow chocolate)

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