Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bits of Antique Bling

Over the past few weeks, I had a chance to wander through several antique malls. I was looking for old keys and blingy bits of old jewelry that I could remix into new necklaces. I have strict price guidelines when I antique - no more than a dollar for keys and no more than 5 dollars for a bag of broken jewelry pieces. I didn't have any luck finding skeleton keys, but was able to get a bunch of old keys in interesting shapes and some old sparkly earrings.

I have wanted to experiment with chandelier crystals as pendants
for necklaces, and found these:

Couldn't resist these sparklers!
One for a necklacefor me and one for a friend.
In great shape, usually ones like these cost a lot more:

Two boxes with old earrings and pins, four dollars each:

In box number one:

In box number two (sorry, a bit blurry):

These clip-on earrings are missing their mates.
No problem, soon they will become pretty necklaces! Really love the one on the left!

Stay tunes to see what becomes of these old earrings and keys!

Antique Market of Williamston
Harvest Antiques and Collectibles of Holland

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