Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hot Rock Pizza - Troy

A few weeks ago my friend Jenni had a $20 for $10 voucher for Hot Rock Pizza in Troy, so we met there to try out this interesting pizza place. The place has an Tuscan decor with lots of brick and a comfortable seating area perfect for families or groups.

You can order items individually, but they also have a wonderful buffet that has salad, soup, pizza, pasta, bread, and desserts. If you are thinking CiCi's pizza, think again! This is excellent pizza with a choice of deep dish with a crunchy crust and thin pizza which is baked in a wood fired stove. They have your normal cheese, pepperoni, and sauage pizza, but also interesting varieties such as Chicken Alfredo, Pesto, and Hawaiian. The buffet is $7.49 for all you can eat. Drinks are not included. I thought they kept the buffet stocked with more varieties of pizza than you could ever try!

You may know that I love bread! The cheesy bread and the garlic knots were good enough to make an entire meal out of them. I thought the salad bar had a nice selection as well (if you desire to be a bit more healthy). The desserts were brownies and apple pie pizza - nothing to write home about, but who cares if you have stuffed yourself with pizza!

Hot Rocks Pizza is located on Big Beaver in Troy near John R.

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