Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sweet Summer

Last week I ran into a friend who mentioned that she still checks in here every so often, hoping that maybe something new had been posted. I have been a deep disappointment to my one loyal reader!

But joy, sweet summer has arrived! It has been 2 busy years of adjusting to new teaching positions and a year filled with many visits with a sick friend. But I am hoping and praying for God's grace to have a bit of a breather from change and stress. Right now I am still involved at school teaching photography for kids camp, so it doesn't quite feel like summer vacation yet. And at home I am fervently cleaning the depths of my closets, so no time for playing yet. But I'm hoping for time for some gardening, making some jewelry, sitting outside, drinking ice tea, and reading on my iPad. And maybe I will actually cook a new recipe. So my goal is at add a few new posts each week this summer and hopefully you will be able to join me as I attempt to restore my creative musings during this summer.

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