Friday, August 17, 2012

Dar Poeta Pizza - Rome

On our last evening in Rome, we crossed over the river into the area called Trastevere, a more residential area with narrow twisty streets.  Armed with reviews and a map from Trip Advisor, we found Dar Poeta tucked into a small street.  Once again we were just ahead of the rush, and were given a wobbly table near the door outside.

A plastic covered menu with every possible combination of pizza you could imagine.

Bruschetta with an olive tapenade.  Good, but only one piece?

The pizza definitely was pure poetry!  Sausage and mushroom above.

Salmon and arugula.  Perfect crunchy crust, yummy toppings.  I thought the arugula added a nice healthy touch!
Wish I had saved room for their nutella and ricotta calzone for dessert.  Supposed to be amazing.

When we left, there was a huge crowd of people waiting for a table.  It seemed to be split pretty evenly between Italians and American foodie types.  A great place to go for a taste of real Italian pizza!

We enjoyed wandering through the maze of streets in Trastevere.  I love this shot of a fountain with a pigeon on top silhouetted against a crusty apartment building in the evening light.

Balconies, shutters, paintings - all a part of the charm of the old buildings that you see everywhere as you stroll though Rome.

You never know what you might see as you look down the alleyways.

Just before dusk we crossed back over the river to head back to our hotel.

I sat up on the hotel terrace one last time.  I actually was able to use the wifi to FaceTime with a friend and share the amazing view with her.  And to end our last night in Rome, a lovely sunset over St. Peter's at the Vatican.


Liz said...

Looks like an AMAZING trip!

The Frugal Exerciser said...

This is one of my future destinations. The pictures of the food, the buildings and your commentary, makes me wish I was there right now.


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