Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hotel Campo de' Fiori - Rome

I discovered the Hotel Campo de' Fiori via Trip Advisor.  I was entranced by the photos of the rooftop terrace and spent many months prior to our trip dreaming of sitting up there looking out at the view of Rome.  I must say I was not in any way disappointed by this hotel.  The location was great, the rooms were charming, the staff was lovely and helpful, and the terrace view was stunning!

We had a deluxe room on the 4th floor.  The decor was plush with a gorgeous chandelier and antique furniture.  The twin beds were a bit narrower than the typical US bed, but were very comfortable. The room had air conditioning and a good wifi connection.  The room had mini refrigerator and even had a teeny ice cube tray - yea ice!

The bathroom was very modern with dark tiles (marble?) and a nice walk in shower.  Loved their soaps and shampoo. (Note: no place that we stayed in Italy had either lotion or conditioner.)

Our room looked out over a small plaza.  Below is a close up of the painting on the building directly across.  So beautiful!  Even though we were on this square, the windows were amazingly soundproof, especially considering the noisy crowds at night watching the soccer/football matches.

A small portion of the panorama view from the terrace below.  

The terrace had several levels and wonderful seating areas where you could relax.  Here is a link to a 360 degree panorama of the roof view that I created with the DMD app on my iPhone.  You really need to see the panorama to fully appreciate what an amazing view you get from the roof.

It was too hot to hang out on the terrace during the day.  But in the evening, it was perfect!  We sat up there each night watching the sunset.

A nearby church and the Victor Emmanuel Monument lit up in the distance.

A view of the Campo de' Fiori square at night.  We got a kick out of hearing the crowds cheering the Euro Cup games from up on the terrace.

On our last night I was able to capture this beautiful sunset over St. Peter's Cathedral from up on the terrace.

Breakfast was served each morning in the "library" - these charming rooms in the basement.  They served a wonderful mix of pastries, meats, cheeses, juices, fruit, and cereals.  Coffees and tea were brought to your table.

After a long hot day of touring, we discovered these yummy treats waiting for us in the afternoon.  Such a sweet surprise!

I must say that Hotel Campo de' Fiori is one of the top 5 hotels I have ever stayed in.  Everything about this hotel enhanced my stay in Rome and the people who worked there made me feel just a tiny bit like an Italian "principessa." Totally magic! 



Dearest karen this blog is amazing...I'm very sad because I was on vacation during your stay here.
wishing to see you (again here)
Hotel campo de Fiori

Clever Karen said...

Thank you, Valentina! I'm glad we met briefly when we checked in. We loved your hotel! I enjoy following you on Facebook and reliving my happy memories of our visit in Rome.


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