Monday, December 31, 2007

Best Meal of the Year 2007 - the runners up

A number of years ago on New Year's Eve, my friends Sally and Scott started this tradition between us where we tell (in drooling detail) about our most memorable meals of the year. Since they moved away a few years ago, we have continued the tradition via phone and email. This year I had a number of great choices, all from our trip to Europe during the summer. Each one combined a unique location with delicious food. So today I will reveal my number 3 and 2 top meals, and tomorrow I will share number 1. I'd love to have any readers out there join in the fun and tell about your best food of the year.

Third Place - Handmade Truffles from Pralinette
Brugge, Belgium

Now, I know this technically is not a meal. However I must confess that we skipped lunch to make up for the chocolates that we consumed while in Belgium. So I guess that counts as a meal, right? We sampled the sweets at many locations, but came back to Pralinette to stock up with boxes to take home. I loved the different combinations of chocolates and the things they rolled them in, but my favorite was one rolled in a toasted coconut.

Second Place - De Lachende Javan (The Laughing Javan)
Haarlem, Netherlands

I had never had Indonesian food before, so it was a unique treat to have a rijsstafel (rice table) meal. This restaurant was recommended by Rick Steves, and we met another pair of Americans in there with his guidebook in hand. The meal consisted of 14 plates of food that were set on a warmer. They included peanut satay, and many other flavors of meat and vegetables that were new and fun. A great meal, followed by an organ recital in the old cathedral - an awesome evening!

Stay tuned for Meal Number 1 tomorrow. And join in the fun by sharing your best meal in the comments!

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