Thursday, December 20, 2007

Vintage Postcards

I love the look of vintage postcards. It is one of the inexpensive things I like to look for in antique shops. My goal is to spend 50 cents or under per card. Sometimes I will get a great bargain where they are only a quarter each, and I usually go throught the pile and pick out a dozen of the prettiest ones.

At Christmas time I like to use the old postcards as art work. I might put them in picture frames, on wreaths, or on the Christmas tree. This year I have a door from an old tin pie safe door hanging on the wall. Isn't the rusted punched tin a cool background? I use vintage button magnets to hang them on the door as art work. I like to use the magnets because it doesn't damage the postcards.


Anonymous said...

This is a really cute use of these postcards! I love these too. I like what you say about creativity coming from being made in the image of God, I am a believer too! I like your blog.:)Kristin

Clever Karen said...

Thanks for leaving a comment and it's nice to hear you enjoy the blog. I sincerely believe creativity is the spiritual gift I have been given. I've been having fun here finding ways to share little bits of that creativity through this blog.


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