Friday, December 21, 2007

It's All in the Packaging!

My friend Andrea was the one who got me started. Every present I ever received from her was wrapped beautifully and creatively and topped with a lovely ribbon. Her packaging transformed even the simplest gift into something special.

This summer when I visited Apple Corporate Headquarters, one of our speakers spoke about the attention that they give to the packaging of their products such as the iPod and iPhone. They want opening the package to be part of the special experience of using their products.

So at Christmas time, sometimes Clever Karen goes a little crazy making her presents look pretty. I have a stash of ribbon and Christmas picks that I collect in the after holiday sales. And recently I've had fun making special tags to go on the gifts.

So here is an assortment of presents ready to go under the tree. (Check myFlickr account, there are more pictures posted there.)

Maybe one of these has your name on it?

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