Friday, November 14, 2008

Pizza Papalis

Are you thick or thin? In regards to pizza crust that is??

I like both, but I think thick cheesy Chicago style pizza is my favorite. In Detroit, probably the best known place to get Chicago style pizza is Pizza Papalis. We used to go all the way down to Greektown to get it, but now there are smaller branches of this restaurant scattered around the metro area where you can get take out (and a few booths to eat in). They have a large menu with all kinds of sandwiches, ribs, and even an excellent thin crusted pizza. But the deep dish pizza is what they are famous for.

Now I seldom indulge in this pizza. All that cheese....not healthy.....but oh so good. And it is pricey - over $20 for a small pizza. But it is 2 inches thick and weighs about 3 pounds and one slice is more than enough for a serving. So sometimes it is a very special treat after a hard week.

My favorite is the seafood pizza. It is very rich, but I love it. And this time I ordered it with "lite" cheese in an attempt to be a bit more healthy. It is made with a fairly thin crust which has a nice crisp texture on the outside edge. Inside is a ton of cheese and the toppings. And then over the top is another crust and a delicious chunky tomato sauce. When you pull out a slice, you get a wonderful endless strings of cheese. Mmmmm, so satisfying...

Thick or thin? How about you?


piecemealquilts said...

I'm just up the interstate from Chicago, in Wisconsin, so of course I'm a thick, Chicago-style girl. In fact, the best pizza I ever had was in Chicago. I don't remember the name of the restaurant, but we sat upstairs and had the most decadent double crust pizza. The crust wasn't like bread dough, all thick and chewy. Instead it was sort of a cross between bread, biscuit and pastry. it was thick and sturdy, but light and a little tangy. The pizza had to be three inches thick at the edge, and at least two inches in the middle. There was a layer of tomato sauce and cheese, then another crust, then another layer of sauce, meat, vegetables and a ton of cheese. It was fabulous, and I've never had anything like it since. When I'm in the mood for a good Chicago style pizza, I buy a frozen Pizzeria Unos Spinoccoli (spinach broccoli) or Four Cheese Pesto pizza. It's a pain to make because you have to defrost it carefully before baking, but they're pretty good for frozen pizza.

Clever Karen said...

mmmmm, your description leaves me drooooolllinngg!


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