Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vintage Yellow Sheets

About a year or so ago I started seeing some neat quilting and sewing projects popping up in blogs and in Flickr where people were using old colored sheets for the fabric.I loved the pastel sherbet colors combinations and I'm a sucker for vintage floral fabric. So every so often I've been stopping at the Salvation Army and picking up any cool colored sheets and pillowcases that they. I've been accumulating a little stash. Here is my collection of yellows:

So what to do with the fabric? I finally decided to do a little project just to see how the colors looked when combined together. It was somewhat traumatic to cut into those huge untouched sheets and pillowcases, and especially difficult to navigate the fitted sheets!

I cut strips one and a half inches wide....

sewed them together into long strips...

Stay tuned - next post I'll show you what I've made out of them.

1 comment:

maggie fellow said...

hmm.. I think some of those sheets might have been mine! surely not vintage.....sigh


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