Friday, February 27, 2009

Costa Maya, Mexico - Part 2, Snorkeling

I *love* to snorkel! This is the fourth time I've gone snorkeling. The first time, in Barbados, was boring - only a boat that had been sunk on purpose and a few bland fish. The second time, at the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, Australia, was beautiful and exhilarating! The next time, in Hawaii, was like swimming in a warm aqua aquarium filled with yellow and orange fish.

So this trip was nice, but not as wonderful as trips 2 and 3. The water was quite choppy, so I had to keep checking that I hadn't floated off! Some of the reef had been damaged by the hurricane, so there weren't many fish or pretty coral at first. However the last 20 minutes or so of swimming took us into a beautiful area with lots of coral and fish. Of course, I had used up most of the film in my underwater camera by then!

Look closely above to see some pretty blue striped fish!
And a few more fish are hidden in the picture below.

I wish I had pictures of some of the fish that I saw later in the trip - they were so close! Oh well. Anyway, hopefully these pictures will give you a sample of what our snorkeling experience was like!

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Melissa said...

my favorite place to snorkel is Okinawa, Japan - amazing to see what is underwater! Although, it's been eight years since I've snorkeled there...


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