Thursday, February 5, 2009

Toast - Ferndale

When did going out to breakfast on weekends become so popular? It seems like every little breakfast spot is always packed on Saturdays and Sundays. That certainly was the case at Toast, a funky little diner on Woodward in Ferndale - it was filled! Fortunately they have a little area in the back where you could sit while you wait for a table and we only had to wait about 10 minutes for a table.

Toast features a bright red wall that is covered with vintage toasters. It has old tables and a fun mix of old plates and mugs. Fun and funky and just a bit crumbly looking! Crumbly, just like a piece of toast!

The menu has lots of omelets and eggs, French toast, pancakes, as well as salads and sandwiches for lunch. Many of the combinations were unique and there also were several daily specials.

My friend ordered an egg combo where you could pick three items to add into the eggs. You could order either home fried potatoes or cheesy grits. Actually she ended up with both - she ordered the grits but they gave her the fries, so we got to try both. I guess I'm not much into grits, and thought the fries were much better - they had a nice herby seasoning on them. And of course the meal came with *toast*! They had a half dozen different kinds to pick between. My friend liked the eggs, although they weren't anything extraordinary, and they put the wrong kind of cheese in them.

I ordered the daily special lemon blueberry pancakes. These were extraordinary!! Some pancakes are sooooo doughy and dense, but these were light and had a wonderful crisp crunch on the edges. And they were topped with lemon curd - a really great flavor combo! Outstanding!

Toast has opened another restaurant in Birmingham, but one of my "plurk buddies" said Ferndale is better because it has the old diner atmosphere. I guess I will need to do a comparision sometime - I'll let you know!!

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Irma said...

I love Toast -- the restaurant. You should try Cafe' Muse, newly relocated in Royal Oak. Yummy breakfasts too:)


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