Monday, February 9, 2009

Top 10 Signs that You're Not Sitting in the Cheap Seats (Caesars Windsor Club)

1. You arrive at the Piston's basketball game and have a reserved parking spot. The first spot. Right next to the door. With your name on the sign saying it's YOUR spot. (Well, actually it is Ernie and Walt's spot, but they were kindly letting us use it for the night.)

2. You walk about 10 steps from YOUR parking spot to the private entrance to the Caesar's Windsor Club. Someone opens the door and greets you.

3. There is a private elevator to the club level. You don't have to walk up the stairs. Or even push the elevator buttons. Stan the Elevator Man pushes the buttons for you.

4. You are greeted (again) as you walk off the elevator. Someone hands you a Piston's Yearbook and THEY DON'T ASK YOU FOR MONEY TO PAY FOR IT. They also put this classy little wristband on your wrist to show you belong in the "Club." (Well, at least for a few hours.)

5. The club has food. Lots of food. All kinds of stations. Fruit, salads, cheese, meats and veggies, all cooked up nice and fancy. My favorite was the Buffalo Chicken Pasta.

6. They also have a wood fired stove cranking out nice crispy pizzas.

7. They have cookies for dessert. (hmmm, that actually is disappointing, just some crummy little cookies.....)

8. Oh, we get to watch a basketball game, too. Our seats are only half way through the alphabet - row N. We can actually read the numbers and names on the player's uniforms without binoculars! If we were a little bit closer we might even be able to read the words on their tatoos!

9. Re: crummy cookies - They saved all the desserts until HALFTIME!!! Of course! Ice Cream and plates of fancy cookies and cakes and key lime pie. And chocolate covered strawberries!

10. Back to the game. The Pistons lose, but we are so well fed we barely notice! It's a good thing that Stan the Elevator Man pushes the buttons for us to go back down and we only have to walk 10 steps in the cold to get back to our car.

Thank you "Ernie" for the tickets - it was quite the treat!!!!!!


Rebekah said...

wow! This sounds like quite the experience. This would actually make attending a basketball game fun :) The only thing you're missing is the giant foam hand that makes the sign for #1

Clever Karen said...

Haha - I didn't even miss the foam finger until you mentioned it, and now I feel strangely deprived!

Irma said...

That was a fun evening. You did a good job in "recreating" the moment/minutes. I'm glad you could come:).


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