Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Impatient Beader Gets Creative

Here is another great book that I have been enjoying to get unique inspiration for my jewelry. The Impatient Beader Gets Inspired!: A Crafty Chick's Guide to Instant Inspiration
has lots of fun and funky ideas for necklaces and other jewelry.

This is the book that made me want to learn to solder - although I must say that the directions are somewhat incomplete because they omit the need to use flux.

Here's another idea from the book. I've purchased some of these circular frames to make pendants - you don't need to solder to make these! I got many of my supplies at Alphastamps. They have all kinds of pretty frames that you can put pictures into to make pendants.


Margot Potter said...

Hi Karen

I followed a Google Alert here! Thanks for the nice words about the book. I have to say it's my personal favorite!

The solder I used in that book didn't need flux. It had a sticky core, thusly the need to use an exacto knife to clean it. I now prefer the solder that does use flux, it's neater!

Have a craftacular day!


Clever Karen said...

Thanks, Margot, for the clarification on the soldering - that makes sense! Your book has given me lots of inspiration with all its funky and fun projects - thanks!


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