Thursday, June 11, 2009

Soldered Lace Charms

When I started making the soldered charms, my friend Sally sent me pictures of some charms she had bought at a craft show with lace embedded between the glass. What a great idea! Now that my elbow is getting better I was able to play around with making a few more charms. I'm getting the hang of the soldering, but still am struggling to cut the glass straight and get the jump rings on top. I just bought a little "jewelers hand" gizmo that hopefully will help make doing the jump rings easier.

I experimented with making made several charms with little dangles underneath.

For my friend's birthday, I made her this simple little charm on a silver chain:

And since chains are so popular right now, I also made her a longer chain with a couple of charms on one side and some silver loops on the other side.


Theresa said...

These are beautiful Karen! Very interested in the "soldered charm" movement and appreciate your progress!

will freeman said...

Please can you help me, I’m soooo frustrated. I’ve made the pendant but can’t get a jump ring to stick!,,,

Karen Bosch said...

It can be tricky. I use a jeweler's hand like this to help me with holding the ring:

Be sure to use flux and a large dot of solder and use the jeweler's hand to hold the ring in place until it sticks.


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