Monday, June 8, 2009

Red Vintage Floral Soldered Charms

Back from the doctor this morning - he said that my broken elbow is progressing. I have 3 more weeks to avoid heavy lifting, pushing, and pulling, but he did ok doing light tasks as long as it didn't hurt. So hopefully I can get a going on some of the clever projects that I want to do this summer. I'm hoping to get the soldering iron out this afternoon!

Meanwhile, here are a few more little charms that I made before my accident. The pattern is a vintage floral tablecloth that I had scanned and printed. I experimented soldering a button on top of one charm - it didn't quite work, I couldn't get it straight. Forgive the bad pictures, it's a rainy gloomy day so there is bad light for photography. But since I haven't done much blogging recently, I just wanted to get at least one thing posted today.

And here's the back sides. The K charm is totally lopsided! The other ones are a print of a stamp over some vintage paper and a closeup of Yellowstone Falls from a vintage postcard. I've got lots more ideas so hopefully I'll have some new ones to share with you soon.


Rebekah said...

These are so cute! That was a great idea to scan your fabric/patterns and resize them for this project. One day I will take this class and learn how to make these day :)

Clever Karen said...

Yes, it is really fun to discover all the things you can put inside these tags. Using fabric pieces to match outfits is kinda cool.


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