Monday, August 15, 2011

KrisTea's - Berkley

It's been fun to see a bunch of new shops and bakeries pop up along Coolidge in Berkley recently. Over the weekend I stopped in at KrisTea's, a darling little place just north of Catalpa.

When I walked in, I was offered some tea, either hot or iced. I tried a wonderful iced peach tea. They also serve you a scone and they even have clotted cream to put on top of it. The scone was wonderful - it was made from a mix (which they sell in different flavors) but it tasted homemade. I definitely would buy this sometime when I need to make a fast and easy treat.

I love Harney Tea and they have an entire wall of both lose and bag teas. I had a discount coupon that I found in one of the discount mailers and I purchased their tropical green tea.

The store has a mix of both new and vintage items. Lots of teapots and tea cups! But I was delighted to find other kinds vintage goodies - all the kinds of things I love! The owner said indicated the shop was an outgrowth of her collection over the years.

There was an entire closet of vintage linens - tablecloths, chenille bedspreads, towels, and more.

Hats in sherbet colors

Vintage dresses dripping with white lace

An old shutter to display vintage jewelry

Loved this display of gloves hanging from the ceiling like a curtain!

If you are a tea lover or enjoy vintage goods, stop in at KrisTea's and enjoy some tea and scones while you browse the shop!

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Beth S. said...

Oooh! This place sounds very cool! I'm going to have to check it out sometime!


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