Thursday, August 19, 2010

Glacier Park Lodge

After our overnight stay at the Prince of Wales, we headed back south into Montana along the east side of Glacier. We stayed for the next two nights at the Glacier Park Lodge. This spectacular inn was built almost 100 years ago by the Great Northern Railroad and was located directly across from their railroad station. The gardens in front are quite lovely!

The hotel and lobby is held up by immense timbers that still retain their original bark. There are skylights in the ceiling which makes the interior seem more open and roomy than many of the other national park inns that I've stayed in. There were lots of comfortable chairs and cozy corners to relax in.

Our room was on the second floor. Here I am right outside our door. I can barely put my arms around the logs.

The room was a bit more updated (early 80s??) than previous ones and was quite large. We had a shared balcony that overlooked the gardens in front of the inn. (Too bad we didn't have a mountain view.)

I spent a lot of time on the balcony in the back of the lodge that overlooked the mountains. We discovered that there was an area of about 30 feet where you could pick up a VERY ssslllllooooowwww ATT signal. I would log into my email and then sit for about 10 minutes while my email would download. While waiting I would enjoy the view and pray and relax.

One really can't complain about a slow signal when you get to enjoy a fiery sunset like this!

I enjoyed our stay here. It was relaxing to find a cozy corner with a view and read. I hadn't had much down time this summer, so I appreciated having time to take it easy.

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Alana Gillett said...

The last two pictures have inspired my next painting project :) Don't'll get one to hang up at your house!


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