Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lake McDonald Lodge - Glacier National Park

After two delightful nights at Lake Louise, we took the long trek (about 7 hours drive) from Banff down across the border into Montana and into Glacier National Park. Our first night was spent at Lake McDonald Lodge, one of the historic lodges in the park. We stayed in a cabin that was just down the walk from the main lodge.

Now I have stayed at many of the National Park Lodges over recent years. And I know that there are costly maintenance issues involved in the upkeep of buildings from the early 1900s. And I realize that they are advertised as having "historical features as a charming and quaint departure from everyday conveniences". But the fact that the decor in the cabins has not been updated since the early 70s really isn't all that charming. It was disappointing that such beautiful locations with lodges that look so wonderful on the exterior and have such incredible lobbies, just look so sad and tired and shabby when you go into the rooms. (I'm not asking for flat screen tvs and whirlpool tubs, but just something that looks fresh and cute.) Yes, I know you are paying for the location, but the price of the rooms is not like Motel 6, so I wish the rooms looked a bit better. Enough said.

Alright, the main lodge is very cool in the lobby. Timber inside with levels with lots of stuffed animals. (Ok, the animals got to be a bit creepy.) The hanging lights with the Native American paintings were exceptionally cool!

Outside is a dock on the lake with a lovely view into the mountains. The back of the inn has lots of benches where you can sit and relax and enjoy the view. So that is how I spent my evening, reading and looking at this. Yes, THIS is not shabby at all!

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peggy said...

Maybe they think you will want to spend all your time outdoors and only need a place to sleep. Beautiful pictures.


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